Brave Guy Jumps Out of Old Warplane and Narrowly Misses Tail Wing


Expert diver Craig Saucier has done a lot of skydiving stunts within the past 16 years. Gyrocopters, biplanes, ultra lights, and even paraplanes—he has already jumped from all those. And now he’s on his way to do yet another crazy stunt to help out his friend announce the gender of their baby. His plan? To jump off a vintage warplane.

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Everything was a spur-of-the-moment decision as Craig was already on board the plane when the idea came up to him. At the time, he was with his fellow jumper PJ Tavernit, who was all set to do the trick with Craig.

Craig’s plan was to let smoke, which had the color corresponding to the baby’s gender, trail from his body.

They first thought of jumping from Beechcraft Bonanza, a plane that has a huge cargo opening and is just perfect for the stunt, but it encountered mechanical problems, so they had to use something else.

When Saucier stumbled a vintage T-6 Warbird trainer, he decided to use it for his death-defying stunt.


The 1950s North American T-6 Warbird trainer was actually not fit for any skydiving stunt, and Craig knew it too well, but he said he was willing to the risk.


The aircraft is already 65 years old and is owned by Sonny Schilleci. It was nearly impossible to jump off the plane since it didn’t have a cargo door.


Additionally, the T-6 uses an engine that makes it impossible to slow down to reach the airspeed needed for a safe exit. This makes the stunt really hard if not impossible.

But Craig braved the heavens and continued to do the dangerous stunt. Fortunately, it was successful.

A video of trick’s skydiving feat was uploaded online, and it was picked up by numerous Web sites, making it an instant Internet hit.


Saucier is looking forward to doing more incredible skydive in the future.

“I don’t have any plans at the moment, but I always have my eyes and ears open for the next opportunity,” he said.

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