Guys Doing Tricks Off a 40-story Building …Frightening!



You will surely be scared after seeing Ilya Bagaev and OlegCricket tease death by their antics on top of a forty-story building. We challenge you to watch the video without pausing it.

Watching these crazy guys do tricks off a 40-story building made my knees disappear

The video shows a casually dressed Oleg stepping on the parapet of a building in Russia. At first, he took a few steps forward before suddenly doing a summersault. Just thinking that he was not wearing any safety harness will permanently dislocate your jaw. For their next trick, Oleg holds the arm of his friend and swings like a pendulum at the side of the building.

Remember that he did this without any harness or safety net to break his fall in case of a slip up. According to the video’s description, Oleg said that he had complete faith in Ilya Bagaev that he would not drop him.

Oleg insisted that he never felt fear even though staring at the video is enough for us to faint.

Warning: watching this will make you feel like your knees are evaporating, the world disappearing around you, your chest tightening, and everything that you feel when you are scared.

Watch the video below at your own risk:


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