These Insane Videos Will Shock People That are Afraid of Heights …Whoa!


The invention of GoPro helps adventurers to capture their epic travels and share it to the world. Oh, how people who like climbing giant towers love the portable camera! They are those who climb above both man-made and natural towers. They walk on tightrope between two hot air balloons all the while documenting their adventure.

Here are ten videos to share to your friends who are afraid of heights. Take a look and try not to pass out.


Parkour Jumps between Pillars of Dubai Building

First-Person View of Climbing a 1,786-foot Tower (Taller Than WTC)

Window Cleaning on Burj Khalifa, the World’s Tallest Building

Alex Honnold’s Free Soloing a 5.12 b Route in Mexico

Jumping onto a Really Tall Crane and Climbing It



Zipline + BASE Jump = Terrifying

This Ukrainian Dude’s ‘Mustang Wanted’ Climbing Stuff without Ropes

Just a Tightrope Walk between Two Hot Air Balloons

Just a Casual Helicopter Skydive

Proposing at 10,000 Feet

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