Jaw-Dropping Stunt Takes Human Flight to a Whole New Level …Unbelievable!


Ever dreamed of flying with a jet pack like James Bond? Don’t worry we all have, just so we can live out the dream of our inner spy. But it seems like Yves Rossy, or more known as the Jetman, is here to make you change your dreams into something a little more plausible as he takes human flight to a new level.


And while Rossy made flying thousands of feet above the ground with a jet pack on his back look like a simple walk in the park, don’t get fooled. It’s more dangerous than you think.

Jetman is a Guinness World Record holder, and this time, he’s set to impress the world again. Right above Rio de Janeiro and the Arabian Desert, he flew in his carbon-fiver jet pack, together with his comrade and protege Vince Reffet.

Looking at the photos below, you will know that these two are aiming at taking flying above the ground even more complicated—and more fun.

jet2 jet5



Not minding how dangerous the act was, Vince and Yves even flew at the same time with the world’s hugest airliner, Emirates’ Airbus A380. They shared the same spot in the skies above Dubai.

jet11 jet6 jet10

The duo are reported to be quite familiar already with Dubai and its skylines, so it is expected that they wouldn’t show any sign of fear while up there. And the proof is there—they flew 4,000 feet above the Middle East.

But the duo shared on their Web site,

While the formation flight looked effortless on film, painstaking planning and meticulous collaboration with an intense focus on safety drove all efforts.”

They also revealed that it took them around three months of planning before they finally set off.

Well, the act was revealed to be part of an advertisement launched by the Emirates airline. Nevertheless, it was still awesome and just plain jaw-dropping.




jet1 jet4



Watch the thrilling flight in the video above.