Man Jumps Over Island in Extreme Kite-Surfing Stunt



Youri Zoon, a two-time kitesurfing champion, leaped over a small island to another off the coast of New Caledonia. With the help of strong winds, he traveled at a speed of 22MPH, covering a total distance of more than 120 feet.
Leap of faith: World champion kite surfer Youri Zoon leaping over the Pacific Ocean island in one go

“Making the jump felt amazing – I got a rush of adrenaline as I took off. Once I got over half of the island, I knew I was going to make it and that is when it felt really great.”

Zoon’s impressive stint took place at the island of Mbuke, New Caledonia. While waiting for him, his fellow kitesurfers sat on the island.

Giant leap: Youri approaches the island, being pulled along by strong wines

Flying high: The gust picks him 50ft in the air as he makes the leap over the Pacific Ocean island

Halfway... The world champion kitesurfer is nearly home and dry as he jumps over his friends

Kitesurfing is a fun and extreme sport, which involves the use of wakeboards, controllable kites, and wind power.
Leap of faith: Youri makes it to the other side of the 120ft-wide island



Before he succeeded in his stunt, Zoon crashed on a tree during his third attempt. “I headed out onto the sea when I saw the wind was packing up. Someone made the suggestion that I should try and jump over the whole island,” he explained.

He also added, “I was constantly worried I would hit the beach or the shallow water on the other side – that would not have made for a soft landing. On my third attempt, I was pretty high up when I started to fall, but I was able to control the crash and landed fairly safely, despite hitting a tree.”

Safe landing: The champion safely hits the water on the other side of the island

Mission complete: Youri speeds off after jumping over the island in one leap

Find out more about Zoon’s stint in this video:


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