This Guy Does a Quadruple Backflip on a BMX Bike- Whoa!


Some of us live to seek the thrill. The pleasant gush of adrenaline coursing through our body gives us the feeling of being alive. That is why extreme action sports and stunts are created to let us enjoy these moments of exhilaration.

Bicycle motocross, or most commonly known as BMX, is one of these sports where you can either race or perform tricks on bikes that are specifically built for the cycling sport. Many people have etched a name in this field, and one of them is Jed Mildon who recently grabs the crown for the first rider to ever land a what-seemed-to-be impossible quadruple backflip on a BMX bike.

Sure, it was not like the first man to land on the moon, but a quadruple backflip on a bike sounds downright arduous and challenging that no one has ever achieved before—until now.



Legends such as James Foster, Ethen Roberts, Chad Kagy, and Matt Hoffman also joined Mildon in Pastrana’s Nitro Circus park, each of them taking a shot at their glory to make history.



Eventually, all of their attempts crumbled down, except for Mildon who succeeded in this incredible feat.


Watch the astounding video of their attempts here.