15 Sexiest Twins Who Excel in Sports


The bond between twins is strong and unique that single-born children will have a hard time relating. It must be because they were together for 9 months before they were born. Though they are still unique in their own way, most share common interest—like sports.

They said some of them can read each other’s mind, which is very convenient if they are to compete. No wonder twins are successful in sports. Check out the list of the sexiest twins who excel in sports.

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Amber and Angela Cope

sexiest twins

These girls made NASCAR history by being the first twins to participate in one of its top three series. The sexiest twins got go-Kart as Christmas gift from their parents when they were 9, and when they turned 15, they started racing. Both are professional car racers just like their father.

Dresdynn and Schuyler Warnell

sexiest twins

The Warnell twins are one of the most terrific cheerleaders out there. For two consecutive seasons, they were part of the cheerleading team of Houston Texans in NFL.

The Graves Triplets

sexiest twins

Lindsey, Whitney, and Kristie Graves were members of the Jaguars cheerleading squad. After college, they began their modeling career.

Hailey and Sierra Partridge

sexiest twins

These two beautiful sexiest twins are into competitive surfing. One of the twins, Sierra, was Brooklyn Decker‘s surfing body double in the movie Just Go with It.

Venus and Serena Williams

sexiest twins

These sisters are not twins, but when they are in the tennis court together, they are invincible.

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