Sexy Women Who Excel in the Manliest Sports

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Maria Sharapova


Ranked second-best player by the 2014 Women’s Tennis Association, Maria Sharapova is a world-renowned tennis player in Russia. After Anna Kournikova replaced her, Shaparova shifted from being a sports personality to being a model. Not a bad choice for a beautiful woman like her.

Antonija Misura


You must be familiar with Antonija Misura, if you are into female basketball. She is a Croatian pro basketball player.

Ashlyn Harris


Ashlyn Harris is a popular professional soccer goalkeeper in America.

Hilary Knight


Hilary Knight is the best proof that attractive women are now invading the manliest sports. Well, she is a pro hockey player whom you should never mess with. Her four-time win in the World Championship should be enough to prove to you that she’s a virtuosa.

Rachel Rohde


Yes, she’s a stunner . . . and a fierce MMA fighter. With her looks, you would never expect this lady to be someone who can knock a guy out.

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