Skier Swings iPhone Above His Head as He Slides Down an Icy Slope – Epic 360° Video


Have you ever seen those epic moments in sports where the cameras just zoom in or do a slow motion? You’re probably thinking that it was done using high-tech equipment and gadgets. But not this one.

Twenty-five-year-old professional skier Nicolas Vuignier captured one rare sight without the help of a GoPro or any fancy devices—just his iPhone 6. He swung the smartphone around his head and it was able to capture a spectacular footage as he slides down the icy slopes.

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The Swiss skier calls his experiment the centriphone, which cost him two years of tweaking and tinkering with the device to attain the desired result. Judging from the result, those years weren’t wasted. It all paid off as he was able to produce a Matrix-like video.


It’s much better if you get to see the video for yourself and experience the thrill!

Watch the video below

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