Human-Carrying Drone

Casey Neistat Goes Snowboarding Off a Mountain with Human-Carrying Drone


With a YouTube channel that has more than 9 million subscribers, gathering an astounding 2 billion views and counting, it is safe to say that whatever Casey Neistat does, it is bound to go viral. But perhaps, of all those viral videos, this one kept people on the edge of their seat.

YouTuber Goes Snowboarding Off a Mountain with a Human-Carrying Drone

To build a human-carrying drone sounds impossible in itself, how much more going snowboarding with it! Well, Casey Neistat proves it’s doable. Here’s how.

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Only a few seconds into the four-minute video, Nesitat can be seen flying over a house as he is lifted up by a human-carrying drone. Dressed in Santa clothes and holding onto a line, Nesitat then goes snowboarding with the drone dragging him through the snowcapped cliff in Finland.

Trying to complete the feat in front of countless spectators and in freezing cold weather, the 35-year-old YouTuber admitted there were a lot of difficulties he had to face, but he wasn’t in the position to get scared. He shared, “I was directing eight camera people. There were so many responsibilities on set, and there’s so much to think about just from, like, a pragmatic perspective when you’re actually being flown by one of these things, that there wasn’t enough room for that kind of emotion.”

To go snowboarding with a human-carrying drone is something Neistat has always wanted to do, but he found it hard to find a suitable drone for it. Preparation took a year, and luckily, Samsung, who had worked with Neistat before, agreed to foot much of the bill after he brought up the idea to them.

While it is not probably the “safest” video for kids to see, it is nevertheless a good representation of how far our imagination and creativity can take us.

Watch Neistat go snowboarding with a human-carrying drone as a guide in the video below.

Watch the video below