This Theme Park’s Attraction Drops Visitors 100ft at 55mph with Nothing but a Net to Catch Them


Thrill-seekers are sure to rejoice in this one-of-a-kind attraction. But everyone needs to beware as this is definitely not for the fainthearted.

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There is something special about the SCAD Tower at the Tivoli Friheden theme park in Aarhus, Central Denmark. It isn’t a fancy roller coaster with intricate twists and turns, neither is it something that leaves you strapped on a seat and spins you around until you’re ready to barf. You see, the SCAD Tower offers a whole new level of thrill: free fall.

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People who dare to do this ride start out by being suspended in a harness a hundred feet above ground. There isn’t anything fancy that happens next, because customers are simply dropped midair like a bungee jump without the rope. They fall continuously at impressive speeds of 55 mph and then land at a safety net below.

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Before you even step on this ride, you need to pack up your courage and ready your lungs for all that screaming. Staff at the theme park do not allow guests with heart problems or other health issues from riding.

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The fall takes less than three seconds. It may be too short, but it’s enough to make you ponder on what you’ve been doing your whole life. Other than that, you just might enjoy the view of the Aarhus and its neighboring countryside before you complete the death-defying jump. As the park’s Web site indicates, “You may also just take the lift to the top and enjoy the view.”

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After you successfully made your jump and your stress seemed to have flown to another country, the kind folks at Tivoli Friheden will hand you a badge marking your achievement as a “member of a very exclusive circle of daredevils.”

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