Star-Spangled Banner Played With Rifle


The fourth of July has come and gone. But celebrating our freedom should never be limited in only a day.

For a post celebration of our independence day, we present to you a very unique performance of the United State of America’s national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, with a twist.

In the video below, the most patriotic song in America will be played using some tiles in various sizes to clunk in different pitches.

These tiles will be shot using a rifle to play the notes. The outcome is amazing.

What is a better way to express American freedom through playing of a national anthem with a gun?



Without further ado, we give you a spectacular Star-Spangled Banner played with the taste of a little gunpowder.

Doesn’t it make you feel more alive?

Here is another dude who attempted to perform the same feat. However, he constantly stops in the video to reload his gun.

Watch the video below:

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