Are You Ready for Halloween? These “Tricked” out Cars Will Have You Running for Treats!



We’ve all seen a bunch of costumes for Halloween. October’s here, so it’s not surprising that those weird get-ups will come flooding the streets again. There are costumes for kids and adults alike, and there are even costumes for pet! But have you ever seen a Halloween costume for a car? Wait, let’s rephrase that—have you ever seen a Halloween-themed car?

We made a list below featuring cool cars that are too ghoulish to be true.





Beautiful or scary, it’s hard to say. But one thing is for certain, these Halloween-themed cars are wickedly awesome!

Now who says humans and animals are the only ones allowed to dress up for the occasion? Learn from these amazing-looking cars that are in their own costumes.



Watch a video of scary stories that involve cars below.