Coca Cola Vending Machine in China Hides a Remarkable Secret

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One Coca Cola vending machine in China made headlines and it is for one unlikely reason.

Located at the Shanghai sandwich shop called “The Press,” this vintage Coca Cola vending machine is clearly outdated as it stands against the wall of the shop. Do not be fooled by its rather outlandish position in the 21st century however, as this vending machine hides an amazing secret.

Apparently, this vending machine serves as a doorway to another unique place that few customers know about. The vending machine served as the entrance to a bar named “The Flask.” This ultra cool lounge is a mixture of contemporary and old school designs that is perfectly topped off with moody lighting and a wall decked with whiskey bottles.

Albeto Caiola, the designer and architect of this bar gushes about this one of a kind creation.

“The fun, lighthearted feel, the bright colours and lighting — within a few steps, these elements segue into a mysterious space with warm, muted lighting and the murmurs of bar patrons to invite further curiosity.”

Guests who come into the bar are initially greeted with angular cubes cascading down the entrance which gives it a mysterious allure. The lighting inside the bar is kept minimal and muted giving the Flask that warm glow. Aside from the wall decked with whiskey, the copper lighting is one unique feature in the bar.

Partitions can be seen along the seats and tables to give the Bar that cozy and relaxed look. The contrasting colors of the floorboards truly cap its overall look and beauty.

If you happen to vacation at the Land of the Sleeping Giant, then why not stop by at The Press sandwich shop for a bite before downing in some tasty liquor at The Flask afterwards.








Get to know more about this amazing, hidden treasure in the videos below:

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