Biggest Announcements from Google I/O Everyone Must Know

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Tech giant Google is one of the fastest and leading innovators in the field of technology. From the Android Operating System to the newest version of the Google Maps, there is stopping at what this tech giant will do next. Luckily for us, these new developments are featured in Google’s annual software developer focused press conference called the Google I/O.

Held annually at the San Francisco, California, this conference features some of the highly technical and in depth sessions. The I and O stand for “input” and “output” and “Innovation in the Open.” Similar to that of the Google Developer Day, the Google I/O recently made announcements that are sure to blow your mind on how fast technology is growing.


1. Android M

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Android M is the latest version of the Android OS. It is an operating system with a back to basics approach that is loaded with practical features. Some of these features include a “Dose” feature which detects if the device is in use or not, a USB-C connection and the fingerprint authentication.

2. App Permissions

Users will no longer suffer from this App’s store’s rather liberated approach to apps. Google has devised an app that will approve a feature when it’s put to use. This is similar to that of the app permissions found in iOS.

3. Android Pay

Like Apple Pay,Google Pay has the standardize fingerprint authentication which will use NFC for payments where merchants receive no credit card information from the user



4. Project Brillo

Project Brillo is now Google’s very own Iot or Internet of Things operating system that is scalable to several devices that communicates using its own cross platform called Weave.

5. The Next Phase for Cardboard VR


Cardboard VR or also known the Google Cardboard is a virtual reality tool from Google. Today, Google revealed the newest feature to the Cardboard VR and this is the VR video. The Jump camera system is the name of the camera that records VR videos. It has also been announced that Google partnered with GoPro for this particular project.

6. Play for Families

Google Play is getting its own Family service where parents can easily access apps that are appropriate for kids. The new family star rating system provides age appropriate information as well as tools to limit app functions, namely in-app purchases or streaming content.



7. HBO Now Comes to Android


Home Box Office Channel or more commonly known as HBO has teamed up with Google in providing services to its subscribers. The services can be accessed by both Android and Chromecast and is now available in the Play Store.

8. Turn by Turn Directions for Offline Maps

Google Maps can now be used offline. This convenience will allow its users to access Google Maps even without the presence or use of GPS and wireless networks. This is highly recommended for regions where Google could not have access to.



9. Google Photos


Google Photos is Google’s newest photo app.  The app allows for backing up, sharing, and editing your photos. It can support photos up to 16mp and videos of up to 1080p. It also includes the Assistant feature for helping you manage everything.

10. Google Inbox for All

The Inbox app is the new email inbox for everyone. Some of its new features include undo send, integration with Google Keep, and the Trip feature, which bundles emails regarding a particular event together.




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