10 of the Most Bizarre Sports You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

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It is hard to think of a person who hasn’t even watched a single event in the Olympics (unless he is living under a rock). Most of us also have preferences as to which sports we want to play. Many fanatics have followed leagues in athletics in the newspapers, Web, and television. But beyond all of that, how much do you really know about sports? There is a hidden world behind all of these, and some combine different aspects of various sports to achieve a whole new one.

Here is a list of the top ten most unusual sports that actually exist and which most players take seriously. The next time your colleague invites you over for a round of golf, try to suggest one of these instead!

10.  Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey

One of the fastest sports in the world is ice hockey. Its fast-paced action allows the players to send pucks flying across the ice in such an unbelievable velocity. However, there is also a sport known as underwater hockey, a game where players move the puck around underwater using small sticks. It might seem a bit slower than the original version, but the dangers of being underwater for too long also factors in the game.


9.  Segway Polo

Segway polo

If you thought that the game of polo is for the rich and wealthy, then Segway polo must be for the super-rich. This sports is pretty much similar to the ordinary polo, only the players ride around Segways as their mighty steeds, instead of horses.


8.  Sepak Takraw

Sepak takraw

To best describe this game, Sepak Takraw is much like volleyball, only you are not allowed to hit the ball with your hands and arms, and most players use their feet to pass the ball across the net. This sport is very popular in parts of Southeast Asia, and competitors get into some incredible stunts just to hit the ball.


7 . Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing

Believe it or not, ironing is not just a boring chore, it is also an extreme sport. How extreme? People who get involved attempt to iron and smooth out their clothing, while hanging from steep cliffs or diving under the sea.


6.  Quidditch


Yes, quidditch is not just from J.K. Rowling’s book. Fans of Harry Potter have turned the fictional sport into reality. Currently, hundreds of teams have assembled around the planet, and they are taking quidditch into the real world.



5.  World Sauna Championships


Sauna is not just for relaxation but also a competition. In Finland, they hold the World Sauna Championships. The aim of the game is to simply stay inside the sauna for as long as possible, while enduring the intense heat and thick humidity. (Of course, you will immediately be eliminated from the competition in the event that you pass out.)


4.  Buzkashi


The national sport of Afghanistan is the Buzkashi, where a group of men would compete while horseback riding to chase and carry a dead animal. There are no rules in this game, except that you must reach the designated area for you to place the carcass.


3. Chess Boxing

Chess boxing

Chess boxing requires your intellectual and physical strength to clash altogether. The mechanics of this sport is that competitors would bout in a round of boxing while the next round would be a healthy game of chess. Both sport would alternate every round until one reigns as champion.


2.  Street Luge

Street luge

Street luge is a gravity-powered sport where delegates would lie down on a street luge board or sled and navigate their way through a paved road or course. It seems pretty dangerous, but the thrill must send your adrenaline rushing along with the incredible speed.


1.  Wife Carrying

Wife carrying

This sport proves true that when you marry someone, you also carry their weight. In this case, men would literally carry their wives on their back. It is conducted in Finland and is called the Wife-Carrying World Championships. Women would hang upside down around the necks of their husband, while the latter would attempt to complete a land-and-water obstacle course. The victor would receive beer that is equal to his wife’s weight.

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