10 Freakiest Competitions You’ve Never Heard Of

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We all know about the World Cup and Olympic Games where the best athletes in the world gather to compete and win the most coveted titles in the sports industry. We also have the Guinness World Record Shows where people bid for a particular title as the best of the worst there is in the entire globe.

There are competitions however that didn’t get the worldwide spotlight but actually existed. These are tournaments handed down through generations as part of their tradition, while some competitions are just merely created for entertainment purposes in the weirdest possible way.

Check out ten of the most bizarre competitions in the world you probably never heard of.

1. Sauna Championship

If you want to lose pounds, you might want to join the World Sauna Championships. Unluckily for you, the competition was stopped in 2010 after two contestants passed out 6 hours while in sauna suffering from serious burns.

 The competition was held annually in Heinola, Finland from 1999 to 2010. The last person standing after withstanding 110 degrees temperature is the winner.

2. Cheese Rolling Competition

The Cheese Rolling tournament is a tradition in England which started during the fifteenth century at the Cooper’s Hill every year. In the competition, a 9 pound Double Gloucester cheese is being rolled down the Hill with competitor chasing behind it and the first person to reach the bottom of the slope will become the winner.



3. Toe Wrestling Competition

If you love watching arm wrestling, you will definitely love toe wrestling as well. Held annually in Ashbourne, England, toe wrestling is a match where competitor lock toes and wrestle until one of them pins the other’s foot within three seconds.

4. Extreme Ironing Championship

Pressing has never been this fatal with Extreme Ironing Championships where you have to perform the task in the craziest place you could think of. The competition is described as a danger sport that combines the thrills of an outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.



5. World Beard and Moustache Championship

Since 1990, the World Beard and Moustache Championship has attracted a lot of competitors from around the globe to show off their stylish beards and moustaches and win titles from seventeen different categories like Best Freestyle Moustache, Best Natural Goatee and Best Natural Full Beard.

6.Bed Racing Championship

Bed Racing Competition happens every year in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. The race includes a team of six people racing in the street of Knaresborough while pushing a four-wheeled bed while one of the members is lying on the bed. The race also includes crossing a river at the end.

7. Worm Charming Championship

The mechanics of the game is pretty simple, whoever has the most number of worms collected within a set amount of time will be the winner. Contestants in this competition will have to attract worms in a specific area and gather worms by any means to win. Most of the competitors use drums, pitchforks and anything that vibrates to lure the worms out from the ground.



8. Bee Wearing Contest

Set in China, Bee Wearing competition is won by the person who attracts the most number of bees in the body in one hour. The contestants have to be weighed and a queen bee is tied to their bodies through a box  before the competition starts to attract the bees.

9. Midget Throwing Contest

Now banned in some countries, Midget Throwing competition is a match where competitors toss the dwarfs dressed in safety suits to the mattresses and whoever threw the dwarf the farthest will be named winner.

10. Black Pudding Throwing Championship

In Lancashire village of Ramsbottom, England, a yearly competition is held where contestants throw black puddings at a twenty foot plinth filled with Yorkshire puddings. Whoever knocks off the most puddings is the winner.

While some needs extraordinary skills, most of these competitions are just easy to pull off without having to go through months of training. Do you think you have what it takes to be in one of these competitions?



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