10 Star Wars Products That Don’t Make Sense in Any Way



A lot of us must have seen this coming when news about Disney purchasing the rights to Star Wars first broke. Now the word “crazy” isn’t enough to describe the amount of Star Wars merchandise coming out of the shelves. But we’re not just talking about toys or shirts; there is a long range of wacky products branding off Star Wars.

Let us take a look at some of them below.

Death Star Tea Infuser

Fancy a cup of tea? Then prepare to level up your game with a Death Star Tea Infuser. Perhaps we’re using the word “fancy” as this product comes with a costly price tag.


Possibly to extend your lashes till it reaches a galaxy far, far away? We may never know, but one thing is for sure, mascara doesn’t scream Star Wars to us.


Other than the cute packaging and flavors that reflect each character, we’re still unsure as to why these were made. But is this supposed to be some sort of fluid coming out from R2-D2? Well, actually, not everyone wants some sampling of any droid excrement.

Star Wars Apples

A bag of Vader apples doesn’t sound that enticing, if you ask me. We’re not so sure if the company just wanted a kick out of this or maybe were just plain desperate. We know Star Wars is a good marketing strategy that anyone can benefit from, but seriously, apples?


The packaging itself looks menacing as Darth Vader stares right into your soul, waiting to proclaim himself as your father. But we know this one will go flying off the shelf in no time.


Skate Shoes

It may be hard to spot hipster Yoda in a slew of flowers, but if you look closely, you’ll spot the Jedi master. But if we were to suggest, maybe they could try enlarging the character to give emphasis to it.


Unless this comes with a miniature BB-8, then the public won’t buy it. Imagine shaving your facial hair and having to think about cute little droids at the same time.


We’re not sure how Kylo Ren landed himself a campaign for British luggage brand John Lewis, but we have to admit, these carry-on suitcases look really great. We’re not sure if its $190 price tag is a good investment for fans though.


Maybe with the release of these, the next New York Fashion Week will be featuring lightsabers on the runway. While Star Wars Haute Couture has not yet made its way to Paris or Milan, these lightsaber shoes are definitely raking in attention.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

With the droid viewer you get to collect, this could be great for young Star Wars fans. But the picture of the cereal being attached to TIE fighters bothers us.


Here’s a funny star wars prank below.


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