This 110-Year-Old Woman Reveals Her Astonishing Secret For Her Long Life …But There is an Unexpected Twist


We usually hear about people who credit their long life to vegetables and fruits, but seldom do we hear of old people, who live more than 100 years all because of liquors. As such, the story of this 110-year-old woman might just change the way you look at beers and whiskeys.

From Englewood, New Jersey, Agnes Fenton just turned 100 years old and proudly attributed her long life to three bottles of Miller High Lifes and a shot of Johnnie Walker per day since she was 70 years old.

Fenton is one of the many centenarians who were under the New England Centenarian Study. She has been with the project for five years and according to the lead investigator of the research, Stacy Andersen, PhD, there is no accurate validation that alcohol promotes longevity. She noted though that Fenton is a very healthy individual, who  can hear and see well, sleeps a lot, hangs out with friends, and loves to eat sweet potatoes, chicken wings, and green beans.

These are some of Andersen’s observations regarding their study:

“I have found that centenarians have a wide array of reasons to explain how they have succeeded in living such long lives from eating health foods, to staying engaged with life, to strong spiritual ties, to abstaining from alcohol, and even occasionally there are those who attribute it, in part, to drinking alcohol in moderate amounts… In terms of personality, we have found that centenarians on average tend to be agreeable and low in neuroticism and that they don’t dwell on the hardships that they have lived through. For super centenarians (those age 110 and older), genes appear to play an increasingly vital role to reaching these extreme old ages and perhaps even in the presence of less than ideal health habits.”

When it comes to Fenton, she started her alcohol ritual after she was diagnosed with a benign tumor many years ago when the doctor advised her to drink three beers a day. However, she was recently dissuaded by her caregivers to watch her alcohol intake since she is not eating as much as she used to.

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