13 Optical Illusions That Will Mess with Your Mind


Optical illusions are the ultimate mind bogglers. They mess with your eyes’ perception to the three-dimensional world (somehow, they cause trust issues to many).

Usually, they have a very simple explanation, but that makes it just more amazing. How can you be fooled with such a subtle act?

Go crazy with these animated illusions, which will make you cross-eyed for a minute. Brace yourself for a crapload of deception.

1. It’s just an ordinary building—wait, what?!

2.  Which one is bigger: A or B?

3.  View different words from different angles.

4.  Slow down! You’re going to hit the pylons.

5.  An amazing Rubik’s cube illusion.



6.  This chair would probably be the coolest thing ever.

7.  The impossible triangle.

8.  A table you can fold.

9.  How can a cube move like that?

10.  Woah! The Starry Night just got a little wobbly.



11.  The blue tape.

12.  Can you point out items which are small and big?

13.  The room that makes you either taller or shorter.

Mind-blown? Check these videos for more optical illusions:

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