15 Hilarious Products that Help You Hide Your Booze

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Can’t wait for happy hour and hit the bars? Why wait for it when you can bring your happy hour with you through these amusing and creative ways.

1. Enough with all the crazy fillings. Stuff Vodka in your bread.


2. Taste your feet with your beer.


3. This is ingenious.


4. Why don’t you take a sip while taking a break during hunting.


5. The cure for those boring conference calls.



6. The more he drinks, the more attractive he gets.


7. Why would a grown adult carry a doll?


8. Go ahead, do it. Let’s see how people react.


9. Shake it off!


10. This is how you disappoint men.



11. For the fashionistas who love their wine too much!


12. Yes, that’s a fake baby filled with booze. And yes, this man is a monster.


13. Keep your class while you swig those red wine.


14. Suddenly golfing with your boss is a lot more fun.


15. Don’t just look like an alcoholic. Look like a cheap Duck Dynasty wannabe.


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