15 Hilarious Fails Found in Supermarkets

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Supermarkets are not just the place to get everything you need, but you can also find hilarious stuff lurking inside these establishments.

Here are 15 examples that we found all over the Internet:

1.  Where do blue pumpkins exist?

2.  Customers of this supermarket can get  their goods for nine days a week.

3.  If they are out of pretzels, are those fake?

4.  Luckily, I could save 70 cents.



5.  I am confused. Am I cooking a pork or a lion?

6.  That some cheap “Pop Tards”

7.  If it’s never been frozen, why does it say it’s previously frozen?

8.  That is some zesty lunch!



9.  Just a question. . . What is a pork event exactly?

10.  Glad I could save on — wait what?

11. Buy a peanut butter that glows brightly!

12.  Giant tangerines for sale!



13.  Mommy, look! I’m going to need those knives for school.

14.  Nut sacks — if you know what I mean!

15.  Maybe they need to read the sign again.



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