18 Facts About Bats That Will Alter Your Perception

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Who says that bats are scary? Sure, they are creatures of the night (I’m not talking about the nocturnal people who just come out of their hiding when the night falls), but they are cute as hell when you really get to know them.

Bats are not so bad as you might think they are. You just have been fed with ridiculous prejudices about them, which you made the basis of where you stand about bats.

However, these little facts will change the way how you look at these adorable little creatures.

1.  A bat’s diet is mainly composed of fruits and veggies.

2.  Only three species of bats are known to drink blood. The other 1,100 species enjoy eating fruits and vegetables as part of their daily meal.

3.  Bats like to groom themselves, much like cats.

4.  Bats help pollinate a variety of fruits, which are used in the large-scale production of tequila.



5.  They belong to the Archonta group, which means they are related to primates.

6.  They can also eat 600–1000 mosquitoes per hour

7.  There are white bats that exist in Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and western Panama, which are called the Honduran white bats.

8.  Bats can fly at 60 miles per hour.

9.  Bats produce 10–20 beeps per second and listen to its oscillation to find their way through the dark. This is called echolocation.



10.  Bats can live up to 30 years.

11.  Most bats give birth to only one pup a year, which makes them extremely susceptible to extinction.

12.  Mothers can identify their offspring among thousands or millions of other bats through their unique voices and scents.

13.  The “flying fox” is considered as the world’s largest bat as it can have a wingspan of up to six feet.

14.  The “bumblebee bat” is the smallest bat. It is tinier than a thumbnail and weighs less than a penny.

15.  Bats hang upside down from their roost when they sleep and usually huddle together in huge groups.

16.  They are the only mammals that can fly.

17.  Bats have a thumb and four fingers, just like human beings.

18.   Bats’ flying movement is similar to the butterfly stroke in swimming, rather than flapping their wings up and down.




Watch these adorable bats being wrapped in cozy little blankets.


Here is another video featuring a bat rescued after being abandoned by his mother:


Know more about bats by clicking the link below:


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