The 6’5″ 20-Year-Old Who Is Believed to Have America’s Longest Legs


Ever wondered what a woman with very long legs looks like? If so, then just take a look at Holly Burt, the young woman who has a rather peculiar body part.

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Having what she thinks are the longest legs in America, the 20-year-old design student from Florida, USA, breaks the record set by Lauren Williams, whose legs measure up to four feet; whereas Burt’s legs are as long as four feet and one inch.



Being a kid wasn’t easy for Burt. She recalls being bullied and called giraffe, tree, or daddy long legs back in middle school. However, everything changed when she transferred to New York.

Burt says that her dating life has become better ever since she came to the Big Apple. She would have guys come up to her, and whenever she wears high heels, people would be left amazed with her figure.

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