25 Crazy Things You Will Only Find In Japan …And Not Just the Anime!

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The world usually views Japan as a country that is technologically a step ahead than most others in the world. Japan is a small country that has an unfavorable geography and adverse natural conditions, a  feature that may have initiated Japanese folks to become more creative, inventive, and efficient as one nation. But sometimes, all their creativeness and advancement in technology can get a little a bit out of hand. These inventions can leave people from the Western world scratching their heads and a bit dumbfounded. These weird and sometimes shocking things are only found in Japan.

Fake Fangs


While the rest of the world is spending hundreds on making their teeth straighter, Japanese women are spending hundreds of dollars to get the yabea. Japanese women are going crazy for accentuated teeth. They would undergo cosmetic surgeries to attach mini-fangs to their normal set of teeth.

Eternal Poppety Pop

One of the most satisfying and relaxing activities that we do is popping bubble wraps. The Japanese took this activity to another level. A Japanese dude invented a toy that is similar to a never-ending bubble wrap. The toy constantly fills and refills bubbles, offering its user a good way to have a never-ending fun.

Outrageous KitKat Flavors

Japanese are known for their weird food too. It may sound unusual for you to imagine that there are baked potato KitKat, soy sauce KitKat, or wasabi KitKat. But these flavors do exist in Japan, and they are even the most popular flavors there.

Vending Machines

At first, vending machines from Japan may look similar to the ones in Europe or in America. But if you take a closer look, Japanese vending machines are full of weird contents. There are vending machines that dispense anything from fresh eggs, crepes, batteries, to umbrellas, and even underwear! Also, you can find these machines anywhere, from ancient shrines to the top of Mount Fuji.

Braille on Beer Cans

You might be surprised to find out that beer cans in Japan have some strange imprinted symbols on them. These symbols are Braille letters so that our blind friends can also enjoy their cold beer.

Super Umbrella


A regular umbrella is pretty much useless when rain is coupled with strong winds. To answer this problem, the Japanese created a super umbrella that may look uncomfortable but are very effective.

Pillows for Lonely Women

When it comes to loneliness, it’s not just men who suffer. Women also suffer from lonely nights. This pillow is the Japanese’s answer for that.

Sleeping in the Office

It is considered as a taboo or a sign of extreme impedance to sleep while in the office in the Western world. Being caught sleeping in your job can mean a reprimand from your boss or something worse. In Japanese business culture, taking a nap on the job or inemuri is considered as a sign that a worker is working hard. Some people fake inemuri to make their bosses think that they are working hard.

Bikes, Bikes, and More Bikes

Because Japan is a small country with limited space, parking and driving space is, well, also limited. This resulted to people relying more on bicycles as a convenient mode of transportation. With thousands of cyclists, the country is full of sights like this one outside of train stations, shopping centers, and other places.


Japanese mayonnaise is no different from what people use in the United States or in Europe in terms of ingredients. But Japanese prolific use of mayonnaise baffles the Western world. Americans typically use it on sandwiches and hamburgers, the Japanese use their traditional Kewpie mayonnaise to flavor things like potato chips, spaghetti sauce, noodles, ice cream, and even on pancakes.



A Creepy Suicide Forest

For most people around the world, a forest is where you enjoy nature, go for a walk or a jog, observe wildlife, or camp out. But in Japan, there is the Aokigahara or the Suicide Forest, a 4–square mile forest at the base of Mount Fuji. The forest is dense with trees that wind can hardly enter it, making the area an eerily quiet place. The forest became popular as a place where people go to commit suicides. According to statistics, almost 100 people commit suicide in the forest every year.

Ice Cream Flavors

We all know by now that Japanese have some weird taste. There are many novelty food that leave Western people astounded, such as their ice cream that can come in horse meat flavor, cactus flavor, charcoal flavor, or even octopus flavor.


These “crazy Japanese super toilets” or washlets are electric toilet seats. These babies come with water spray feature that will clean your bum hole and private parts. Japanese are pretty much used to these seats, but for foreigners, it can be a startling experience.

Lift Girls

Lift operators are almost nonexistent in Western countries. Hotels and other establishments no longer need their help to save expenses. In Japan, lift girls are still employed in almost all establishments that have elevators.

Baby Mops

Because babies are fond of crawling around the house, the Japanese created this one-piece outfit for them. These outfits feature built-in mops on the arms and the legs so that the baby can clean the floor while they crawl around.

Subway Chin Rest

Japanese people are known to us as people who work really hard. So it is not a rare experience to see some of them snoozing in the subway. To help them sleep more comfortably while standing in the subway, they use these very special gadget.

Bizarre Parking Lots

As we said before, there are limited parking space in Japan. To save some space, Japanese shopping malls have some innovative parking lots like the one in the picture above.

Island of Gas Masks

Miyake-jima is found in the southeast of Honshu. The island houses an active volcano named Mount Oyama. The volcano is constantly leaking poisonous gas since it erupted in 2005. As a result, all residents in the island are required to carry gas mask with them at all times. When sensors detect a dramatic increase in levels of sulfur in the air, raid alarms go off to warn the residents and to tell them to wear their masks.

The World’s Shortest Escalator

In the basement of More’s Department store in Kawasaki City, the world’s shortest escalator is found. The world record–holder escalator has only five steps and is just 33 inches in height.

Toilet Slippers

Japanese people are quite famous for their strict hygiene habits and sanitary precautions. So every Japanese home has their pairs of toilet slippers that are used to minimize contact between the unclean toilet floor and the clean floor of the rest of the house.



Easy Ear Explorer

Cleaning your ear can be a hard task. But worry no more, when you go to Japan, this invention will make it a bit easier. This gadget will allow you to see where exactly those ear wax are hiding.

Capsule Hotels

Capsule hotels have been operating in Japan since 1979. These hotels accommodate a variety of customers, from traveling businessmen to drunken people who can’t make it to their home.

Microwavable Pug

In Japan, aside from the super umbrellas that will keep you dry from the rain, they have also invented something that can keep your warm when it gets cold. This cute pug can give you just the right kind of warmth you need. Just microwave it and you have your warm huggable dog.

Pillows for Lonely Men

Shoulder pillows are for lonely women, for lonely men, these lap pillows are the answer. These pillows are for those dudes who lack a spouse or a girlfriend.

Japanese Whiskey

Japanese whiskeys are rapidly gaining worldwide recognition because of their quality. You should try one because they are available in all sizes. One of these Japanese whiskeys, the Suntory’s Hibiki brand, won multiple World’s Best Whiskey awards.


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