28 Images Caught With Google Street View …Incredible!


Every second, something awesome happens somewhere in the world, and these awesome moments might be mind-boggling for people who don’t know the back story.

If you are feeling lucky, then you should browse through Google Street View, and you might find photos that are questionably baffling. Here are some images that might ignite your interest as to how strange the world is.

Taking the shortcut has never been this quick

Groupie time

What could this be?

Attack of the seagulls

Are those mummies?

Just two people having a duel. Nothing to see here.

Japan and its weirdness



Just having a baby, move along…

A bicycle built for two…

Modern-day Cupid

A mask or a giant sculpture?

The perfect crime

The Man with the Iron Club

The pony who lost everything



Saving on the water bill

You came to the wrong neighborhood

There is a glitch in the matrix

Where the wild things are

Oh, just taking a stroll

So many questions, so little answers

You just got busted



Alien on vacation

They are ready for the rising sea level

Time warp or teleportation?

This baby’s parents are probably on a shopping spree

Meanwhile in Mother Russia

The Road to Hell

The Escape Artist




Check out these videos below.

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