28 Magical Places on Earth That Look Like They’re From Another Planet



This beautiful earth is actually bestowed with so many natural wonders that you never thought existed. There are places in the different corners of this world that impressively create history, these are the places you thought only lies in different planets.

Get to know 28 of these amazing wonders and how they happened to be so magical beyond words.

Glowing Beach in Maldives

No, they are not LED lights installed in the water. These are natural sparkly lights created by small shrimp like creatures in the sea called ostracod crustaceans.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand

The tiny glowworms found only in Otorohanga, New Zealand creates a luminous light in Waitomo caves.

Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming

The Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming is a true grandeur in every word. The bacteria present in the area called cyanobacteria causes the vibrant colors to appear in the ring of the lake.

Pamukkale in Turkey

Pamukkale or Cotton Castle in Turkish is a pack of terraces made from sedimentary rocks.

Emerald Ice in Lake Baikal, Russia

Every March of the year, Lake Baikal in Russia displays  beautiful glass looking formations caused by the cracking of lake’s surface due to uneven pressure and different temperatures in the area.

Son Doon Cave in Vietnam

Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is the biggest cave in the world with a rainforest inside the cave

Fly Geyser in Nevada, USA

This natural fountain in Nevada is a group of unique geysers located in a private land near the Black Rock Desert.



Mendenhall Ice Caves in Alaska, USA

Mendenhall ice caves has a 12-mile long glacier and can only be reached by kayak.

Mount Roraima in Venezuela

One of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world, Mount Roraima is the highest of the Pakaraima plateaus in South America.

Ice Cave in Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia

Formed in the glacial fields at the foot of Mutnovsky Volcano, this ice cave was created from the abundance of precipitation in the area.

Lake Hillier, Australia

The pink lake in Western Australia is a saline lake with bacteria called Dunaliella salina which is responsible for its bubblegum pink color.

Abraham Lake, Canada

Abraham lake in Canada features beautiful methane bubbles frozen under the lake which creates a scenic view.

Giant Causeway in Northern Ireland

This giant causeway is composed of over 40,000 interlocking basalt columns and was declared as UNESCO Heritage Site in 1986

The Wave, Arizona

The wave is a series of beautiful land formation running through the sandstone that changes color with the light caused by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago.



Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia 

Dallol desert in Ethiopia gives a fascinating landscape of salt pillars and acid pools.

Painted Desert in Arizona, USA

This painted desert is composed of stratified layers rich in iron and manganese compounds causing the different colors of the area.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lake has a gorgeous display of waterfalls which have formed natural dams and lakes along the way.

Painted Dunes, Lassen Volcanic National Park in California, USA

One of the major attractions in Lassen Volcanic National Park in California is this painted dunes resulted from volcanic activities in the area.

Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines

Chocolate Hills in the Philippines got its name after they turn brown during rainy seasons. This attraction is composed of more than 1,000 perfectly formed hills.

Naica Mines in Mexico

This Cave of Crystals in the Mexican state of Chihuahua used to be a working mine that contains gigantic selenite crystals.

Gate to Hell in Turkmenistan

Also known as Door to Hell, this fiery scene in Turkmenistan is a natural gas field burning continuously since it was lit in 1971.



Goblin Valley State Park in Utah

Naturally sculpted goblins in the Goblin Valley State Park are sandstone formations resulted from an erosion-resistant layer of rock atop softer sandstone.

Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand

Moeraki Boulders are thought to have been created by the cementation of mud stone about 60 million years ago.

Stone Forest in China

Stone Forest in China is composed of limestone formation creating a sort of labyrinth.

Spotted Lake in Canada

The spotted lake in Canada is captivating tourists for its unique landscape packed with various minerals like sodium, calcium and magnesium sulfates causing these circular patterns to form.

Rio Tinto River in Spain

Rio Tinto River is colored with red, orange and yellow water which is due to years of strip mining in the area. The water is thought to be highly poisonous.

The Pinnacles in Australia

The Pinnacle desert in Australia is composed of limestone formation from sea shells million years ago.

Atacama Desert in Chile

Known as one of the driest deserts in the World, Atacama Desert becomes a testing place for NASA’s equipment before they launch missions to Mars.



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