29 Bizarre Restaurants You Won’t Believe Are Real – Number 15 Will Shock You



Why on Earth would you ever want to eat at a weird restaurant? Of course, we all get hungry. And, when you get caught up in this situation, all that you would ever want to do is to dine out and eat a pizza. However, there are times when you just will crave for something absolutely different.

Weird restaurants are widespread not only in America, but all across the world. So, if you are after some strange treats, you will never run out of choices. From science-themed restaurants, fine dining in total darkness, and remote tree house restaurants, there are lots of strange places in the country for you to eat and refuel your hungry stomachs. While some of these places were intentionally built for the tourists, others just want to offer the diners gross food options.

Here are 29 of the most bizarre restaurants in the world you never thought existed:


1. Airplane Restaurant

Located in Colorado Springs, the Airplane Restaurant is a dining place built in the interior of a previously functional airplane. Though the tables are pretty close to each other, this is a wonderful location for you to have a unique dining experience.

2. Barbie Restaurant

Barbie is a really famous personality in North America, but apparently she’s so much popular in Taipei. Just like Hello Kitty Dream Cafe in Beijing that features Hello Kitty stuff, the Barbie Restaurant in Taipei features menu items, decorations, and waitresses inspired by the popular doll.

3. Robot Restaurant

Robot restaurant, which is found in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, is more less like a nightclub than a restaurant. Aside from its ambiance and full menu, the restaurant features a science fiction-themed floor show with laser pointers, gigantic metallic dinosaurs, and neon LEDs.

4. Fortezza Medicea

Originally built as a military base in Italy, the Fortezza Medicea was turned into a popular tourist destination. The restaurant inside is called Fort, Ristorante Millevini. It is constructed in a certain part of the building that was used to keep political prisoners. Depending on the request of the guests, they can be served with gourmet Italian meals while locked inside prison cells.

5. Ninja New York

Though Ninja New York is known for serving authentic Japanese cuisine, its wait staff is quite a bit non-traditional. As the name suggests, the waiters here are all dressed in ninja suits. They can even pull off several ninja tricks perfectly, such as backflipping their way to the table and doing random fire exhibitions.


6. Witches in Britches

Witches in Britches, as well as its sister restaurant, Draculas, is an odd horror-themed cabaret restaurant. It features live stages filled with fake blood and classic vaudeville jokes to give joy to diners while they eat their food. This restaurant started in Melbourne.

7. The Hello Kitty Dream Restaurant

The Hello Kitty Dream Restaurant might be very common in Japan, but they only open in a limited time. They intended to cease operations after a few months. Obviously, this restaurant is inspired by the classic Japanese character, Hello Kitty, as it features waitresses, ornaments, menu items, and specialty drinks based on the character itself. One Kotaku reviewer described his experience in the restaurant as “an overload of pink”.

8. Trailer Park Lounge

The Trailer Park Lounge in New York City is one odd restaurant that pays tribute to the lifestyles of the infamous and poor people of America. It has no-frills menu and neon-encrusted interior that looks similar to an unused set from a John Waters film.

9. Christon Cafe

Located in the fashionable district of Shinjuki, Tokyo, the Christon Cafe is a restaurant that boasts of a Catholic-themed interior. It is filled with goth ornament, which includes a huge altar of the Virgin Mary and lots of dazzling crucifixes.

10. Carton King

Because of the desire of the owner to promote a pro-environmental message on reusing and recycling, Taiwan’s Carton King was born. Instead of using traditional dishes and decorations, the restaurant was built using recycled cardboard. Carton King is now part of a larger tourist destination, called Carton King Creativity Park, which features a variety of attractions that are also made out of cardboard.


11. Cabbages and Condoms

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Cabbages and Condoms aims to promote safer sex. The entire restaurant is condom-themed. By the time the customers exit, a huge wall display box that reads “Sorry, We Have No Mints Please Take Condom Instead” will bid them goodbye.

12. Onkel Taa

The restaurants featured here are odd for their own reasons. But, Onkel Taa is certainly strange in various ways. It became famous not only as a restaurant, but also as a museum, because it houses one of the largest collections on the planet that is associated with the Habsburg dynasty of Germany.

Aside from that historic relic, the museum also has fossilized mollusks and snails, which reflects on the personality of the owner. Obviously, he is really obsessed with snails that almost everything on the menu has snails. Here is another interesting trivia about the restaurant. It also features a mineral water spring, which is believed to have healing powers.

13. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Have you ever seen yourself eating with deep sea creatures? Well, you can now turn this dream into a reality. With their glass dome ceiling, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant makes it possible for diners to eat while stingrays and schools of fish swim over their heads while eating.

14. The Lockup

The Lockup, located in Shibuya, boasts a prison-themed decor in which customers get to relax and enjoy cocktails and drinks served in glass vials, while locked behind bars. Apparently, this restaurant replicates a mental facility or more like a prison.

15. Opaque Restaurant

Situated in Los Angeles, Opaque is a restaurant that allows diners to experience how it is to be visually impaired. Their dining area is totally dark at all times. So, customers will have to rely on their four senses to order food, consume the food and drinks, and find out their way to the restroom or to the exit.


16. Heart Attack Grill

Heart Attack is by far the most scandalous thing you will ever see in Las Vegas. With all its medical-themed interior, the restaurant was able to spark up several controversies. Its menu features super fatty foods like the triple-layered bacon cheeseburger. After every meal, customers get the chance to take photos with their busty waitresses, who are all dressed in white hospital gowns.

17. H.R. Giger Bar

The H.R. Giger Bar boasts its unlikely interior design that featured odd wall decorations and elaborate seating. It is inspired by the H.R. Giger Museum in Switzerland. The restaurant celebrates the artist H.R. Giger, who became known for working on various costume designs and special effects for several Hollywood movies.

18. Moto

Moto focuses entirely on creating distinct gourmet interpretations of classic dishes with a twist of science. Among the foods included in their menu are ice cream that is frozen with liquid nitrogen, freeze-dried foods, and an edible menu that you can eat once you placed your order.

The head chef of this restaurant in Chicago, Homaru Cantu, has passed away recently this year. Nevertheless, it plans to remain open. Hopefully, their creativity and artistic side won’t be affected.

19. Clifton’s Cafeteria

Clifton’s Cafeteria is located in downtown Los Angeles. It has been here for decades already and since it was established, it has been a local institution. It boasts a quirky outdoor theme that is somewhat similar to Disneyland. It also features moving dioramas with friendly raccoons and bears.

20. Modern Toilet

Modern Toilet is a restaurant based in Taiwan that is famed for its “excreta-theme”. All the dishes on their menu are designed to looked like a typical bathroom output and then served in platters and bowls that resemble toilets. The restaurant’s interior itself has a theme similar to that of a bathroom. Diners sit on toilet seats and eat on metal slabs that look like a diaper changing station.


21. Hajime Restaurant

Located in Bangkok, Hajime Restaurant serves authentic Japanese food. However, there is a catch. The food you ordered will be served to you by robots that are dressed as Samurais.

22. Please Don’t Tell

In New York City, there is one tricky pub that customers visit every now and then. It is called Please Don’t Tell. The only way diners can get in is to sneak in secretly into an old-fashioned phone booth, hidden in the back corner of Crif Dogs, pickup the receiver, and then ask the person on the other end to grant them entry through a secret passageway in the wall. Most of the time, the bar is full. So, it would be great to make a reservation ahead of time to ensure you get a table.

23. ‘s Baggers

Despite its confusing name, ‘s Baggers is a very popular restaurant. Even if its interior looks kinda confusing and weird, people still flock there. Often times, it is called “the roller coaster restaurant” because food is delivered to the tables of customers through a crazy interlocked metal track systems.

24. Lainio Snow Village Restaurant

Because Finland will never run out of ice and snow, some clever men decided to capitalize on this. The Lainio Snow Village, one of the country’s most popular tourist destination, is basically a tiny town that is made out of ice and snow. It also has a luxury hotel. This village features a beautiful restaurant with bench seating, walls, and tables all carved from ice.

25. Buns and Guns

The presence of military conflict is hard to ignore when you are in Beirut. So, one restaurant thought of capitalizing on it. Buns and Guns, is a sandwich restaurant with a war-themed interior. While the sandwiches are named after automatic weapons, they also offer a vegetarian platter, which they call the “Terrorist Meal”. To help heal the emotional wounds of the citizens of the nation, the uniforms of the employees and the decors are all military-themed.


26. Disaster Cafe

Disaster Cafe, which is located in Spain, lets you know the feeling of living a normal day and then suddenly, you experience an earthquake. At random times of the day, the restaurant and the staff create an artificial earthquake, which causes people to panic and spill their drinks together. Because of that, they probably have the most annoyed cleanup crew.

27. The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

Located in one of the famous redwood trees in New Zealand, the Yellow Treehouse is a restaurant, shaped like a pod. Every night, it lights up like a giant light bulb, which can then be seen at a significant distance.

28. Dinner in the Sky

Although it is based in Belgium, Dinner in the Sky provides service in a variety of locations. Most of the time, their diners are strapped into their chairs and are then levitated high up to 180 feet in a so-called “skybox”. There, they can get a wonderful view of the city while consuming their food.

29. Twin Stars Diner

Russia is pretty much popular when it comes to bizarre concepts. Moscow’s Twin Stars Diner only employs identical twins – from wait staff, kitchen crew, to bartenders. According to locals, the owner of the restaurant was inspired by the 1964 film The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors. For that, he came up with such an odd idea.


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