45 Hilarious Animal Photos That You Have to See to Believe

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They say timing is everything. True enough, but if what’s happening is just as crazy as they are, no perfect timing is needed. These photos from around the world are proof of the insane things that can be happening at the very moment you are reading this. Yes, this world is amazing—sometimes amazingly crazy.

First stop, animals getting wilder than they already are or trying to do things that are simply not for them to do.

You know why cats are tagged the real Internet star? Here.
Do they make money out of it? This one can even afford an iPhone. Good going, dude.
Exhausted from a day of guestings and photoshoots, perhaps.
It is apparent that the big guy isn’t enjoying the ride, not even the picture taking. He looks sadder than a guy who just got dumped.
But these ones are the real celebrities. Cuties.
You know how signs are supposed to guide us but end up confusing us instead in the most hilarious way possible?
No one knows exactly how to go about these things.
Man, these do not look good at all.
 Is this how Sadako looks like in The Ring 3? Didn’t know she grew her hair three times longer.
That’s quite big.
 You know what this is? This is . . . how we roll.
Pictures do paint a thousand words, but with these photos, I don’t know if you want to paint even a letter.

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