Mom Breaks Record and Delivers First All Female Quintuplets Since 1969


Ten years ago, Adam and Danielle moved to Houston to start a family. Unfortunately, a problem with infertility broke their hearts. For years, they tried a variety of methods to conceive. However, none of them were successful.

Since they didn’t have the money to try IVF they simply left it to prayer. However, they gave one certain method a final try, which in the end turned out to be a success and Danielle gave birth to their first daughter and named her Blayke.

A few years later, they realized they wanted more kids, so Danielle sought help from the doctor who assisted her in her first pregnancy. As expected, it worked, but the family never imagined what awaited them.

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Having experienced how difficult it was to conceive their first baby, Danielle and her husband prepared for a long road to pregnancy.

For months, the couple waited until finally, the day came when they’ll find out the gender of their baby.

During the ultrasound, both Danielle and Adam were surprised to find out they’re expecting quintuplets. They knew there would be challenges, but still, they prepared their house for five more people—5 girls.

On delivery day, Danielle actually broke records, giving birth to the first all-girl quintuplets born in the United States and the first-ever in the world since 1969.

Danielle needed assistance from five medical teams at the Women’s Hospital of Texas, but she managed to successfully deliver all babies in just four minutes. She then named them Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, and Riley Paige.

When told about the news, Blayke became very excited as she always wanted to be a big sister.

Multiple births are incredibly risky. The more the number of fetuses, the greater the chances of pregnancy loss.

But doctors believe that Danielle’s successful delivery is credited to her focus on staying healthy. In fact, she did her best to stick to a diet that consisted of only 4,500 calories.

Multiple births are notoriously risky. The more fetuses there are, the greater the chance of pregnancy loss. Doctors attribute Danielle's highly successful birth and delivery to her focus on keeping herself and her babies healthy. She even tried her very best to stick to a diet of 4,500 calories. Cases of quintuplets are exceptionally rare. The number of quintuplets and other higher-order births in 2013 totaled just 66 nationwide. These five little ladies are true miracles!

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