6’8″ Woman Uses Staggering Height to Provide for Her Family


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Cinthia dropped out of school when she was 15. She was depressed and never really liked herself. Finding a job being a dominatrix has enabled her to provide for her family.

As a teenager, she played basketball, but a knee injury put an end to that. One day, she was approached by a person in a bar, and she was introduced to Amazon modeling. She is one of the tallest models in the industry and received many requests for domination sessions.

For her part, Cinthia says no sexual contact takes place. Some clients do get aroused but it’s about domination and submission and not about sex. She says she receives so many requests that she has trouble keeping up. Her job has taken her to New York, London, and Japan.

With admirers around the world, Cinthia has “slaves” begging her to let them serve her. These fans pay her rent, and one even gave her a car. Cinthia is more than happy to fulfill their desire of being manhandled, cuddled, or whatever fetish they have as long as they pay her.

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