A Dog, a Hamster, and 8 Birds Become Best Friends



Although some people believe that animals are nothing but dumb beasts, the photos below show that they too are capable of giving love and showing compassion, just like humans. And for whatever reason, these creatures are capable of forming unlikely friendships. Here is one story of a dog, a hamster, and 8 birds.

Bob is a friendly golden retriever. He lives along with his human master, and eight birds in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While peacefully playing with his roommates – the birds, and travelling the world, he still remains adorable.

Luiz Higa Junior, Bob’s owner, shared, “Bob is 1 year and 9 months old. I got him when he was four months old and before him I had got a cockatiel and a parakeet. Since the beginning they lived together and the behaviour of them together was nice. So I decided to leave them together to play with each other sometimes during my free time. After some time, I got the other birds and finally the hamster.”

But, it wasn’t just Bob’s behavior that made him popular all over the world. Apart from being a cute dog, he has already mastered the art of posing in front of the camera with his fellow pals. And when his owner started posting photos of him on Instagram, he became an Internet sensation.

Take a look at these photos below to see the adventures of the adorable Bob:









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