A Giant Middle Finger Statue Placed by Ex-husband Next to his Ex-wife House

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This man surely knows how to get even with his wife and her lover, and he did  it big time without even realizing he put his wife in a very uncomfortable position  when his move became viral online.

Alan Markovitz, owner of three strip clubs in Detroit and writer of an entrepreneur book which was turned into a TV reality series on Cinemax, bought a house in Orchard Lake next to his ex-wife’s house and installed a giant middle finger statue in the backyard facing the door of his ex-wife’s house, Leah Tuohy. The $7,000 bronze sculpture measures 12 feet tall and includes a spotlight to keep the statue illuminated even during night time.

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Rich Man Buys House Next to Ex-Wife, Erects Giant Middle Finger Outside

His wife was known to have an affair while she was still married to him and Markovitz was just trying to get even with his wife and his lover and never intended to make this a public matter. However, the photo became an online sensation after Touhy’s daughter posted it on her Instagram account calling him psychotic.

Markovitz later explained on one of his interviews that the gesture was not for his ex-wife but for her lover for not being man enough.

Flipped: The sculpture stands on the back porch of Alan Markovitz's home

While Touhy’s daughter was out grunting how psychotic his stepdad is, the rest of the world thinks differently after  Markovitz shared how karma took over when a real estate agent coincidentally showed him this house which he now occupied together with his daughter, Tiffany.

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