A Penny Saved Really IS a Penny Earned …See the Whopping Figure!

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What have you been doing throughout your years of existence? Have you earned a huge sum enough to buy your dream house? Have you traveled around the world and taken photos of the most picturesque views? Or have you been doing charity work for you find joy in seeing others smile? Of course, we all have our own stories. However, this man has something special to share. He’s a dedicated 73-year-old man by the name of Otha Anders.







Anders has been collecting every single piece of penny he’s gotten hold of since the early ’70s. He believes the coins remind him that he is connected with God. For every penny he sees, he says a prayer.

He has been doing this for more than four decades already. Now he has finally decided to cash in. With his patience and perseverance, he was able to collect a whopping sum of $5,000.



Watch Anders in the videos below.


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