Abandoned Shoe Factory Transformed into Adult-Sized Playground



The former 600,000-square foot, ten-story International Shoe Company has been transformed into an ultimate urban playground. It was the idea of artist and sculptor Bob Cassilly who bought the area in 1997. Since then, the building has undergone

several constructions and renovations.

hotel skate park

skate park hotel

Though Cassilly already passed away in 2011, construction still went on. While new features were added, the ones that were already installed were improved. These are all made possible, thanks to a group of twenty artists collectively known as the Cassilly Crew.

skate park hotel



So what can you find here? A sky-high jungle gym made out of two unused airplanes, two ten-story slides, and several multi-floor slides, subterranean caves, a rooftop Ferris wheel, hundreds of feet of tunnels, ball pits, restaurants, a bar, an aquarium, and a shoe lace factory, are just among the attractions in this adult-sized playground.





As part of the huge recycling project, all materials used are sourced locally, such as construction cranes, salvaged bridges, and old chimneys.

Watch the incredible transformation of the shoe factory in the video below.

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