Alien Descends on London …The ’89 April Fool’s Prank is Nothing But Brilliant

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During April Fool’s, everyone somehow feels that on that day, they are allowed to make a fool out of anyone. Twenty-six years ago, on April Fool’s Day, someone pulled a prank that sent a whole town into a frenzy.

In 1989, a strange saucer was seen flying above the grounds of the English county of Surrey. The policemen were alerted, and they immediately ran to the scene. When the officers went near the object, they saw its door open, then a silver-colored creature in a spacesuit appeared. At the sight of the otherworldly thing, the officers were shocked and hurriedly took off.

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Alien UFO pilot.

UFO seen from below.

Turned out, the alien-like creature was a midget, and the flying object was a hot-air balloon created by Richard Branson, the chairman of Virgin Records.

Branson rode on the saucer the day before the event. He planned to land on Hyde Park in London in April 1. Things didn’t go the way he expected it to when he noticed the wind was taking him to another location, and he eventually ended up in the Surrey field.

UFO balloon from the perspective of the London commuters.

Phone calls started flooding the police department. Scared motorists freaked out when the balloon passed by the highway. Civilians were terrfied too, like one particular lady who phoned a radio station to share what she just witnessed, without realizing that she was standing on her glass window naked. One of the policemen who were caught in the situation shared, “I have never been so scared in 20 years of being a policeman.”

 UFO balloon in-flight.


UFO balloon on the ground at Surrey Field.

Watch the videos below for the actual prank and for a related video.


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