Siblings Locked in an Apartment for 14 Years by Own Father Share Their Story


A family living in a small apartment on 154 Broom Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan have a very unique story of the Angulo brothers.

Oscar Angulo locked his wife and children away from the world for 14 years. An estimated 800 people live in the same building, but no one even knew of the brothers’ existence.

Oscar, originally from Peru, suffers from paranoia and alcoholism. He was afraid his children would be contaminated in New York, so he decided to block their front door. Only he possessed a key.  No one was allowed to go in or out of the family’s hideout. Since Oscar did not work, they survived on welfare handouts.

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angulo brothers

Pictured above is Oscar and two of his children. Visnu, the only daughter, was born with a rare genetic disorder. A year after her birth came Bhagavan, 23; then twins Govinda and Narayana, 22; Mukunda, 20; Krisna, 18; and Jagadesh, 17.

These children spent their childhood inside a four-bedroom apartment

angulo brothers

Susanne, their mother, home-schooled them

angulo brothers

The children never made friends, and only left their home on monitored trips with their father. Their only pasttime was watching movies. They loved movies by Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Lloyd, and Martin Scorcese.

They made costumes using cereal boxes and yoga mats

angulo brothers

The brothers in their Batman costumes

They used the Dark Knight as a way to escape the world they lived in.

In 2010, one of the brothers, Mukunda, gathered the courage to escape and see the neighborhood. The other brothers followed suit and began exploring New York.

The Angulos with their friend Crystal Moselle

While out in New York, they met Crystal Moselle, who bonded with the brothers after hearing their story. She decided to make a movie about them.

The documentary film, The Wolfpack, is about the lives of the Angulo brothers.

The Wolfpack won the US Documentary Grand Jury Priza at the Sundance Film Festival

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