Mysterious Animal with a Buffalo’s Body but Has a Crocodile’s Head Found in Thailand


Another mysterious creature has been found in a remote area in Thailand. The villagers were perplexed with the appearance of the bizarre animal – since its body is that of a buffalo and a head of a crocodile. Though born a buffalo, it has a dry reptile-like skin and a head shaped like crocodile’s. At a closer look, it has a complete body parts except that its hooves are similar that of a calf.

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Local website Rath reported that the strange animal died right after its birth in High Rock, Wanghin, Thailand.


This is the odd-looking animal that puzzled the residents in a remote area in Thailand.

Photos of the odd-looking creature spread on the table by the villagers were circulating online and has left the internet users mystified.


Although no one was able to give an explanation or information about the animal, residents believe that this strange creature will bring them good luck.

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