This is the Newest Trends for Nail Art …it is called Aquarium Nails


If you’re bored with plain one-color nails, here’s a new trend for you to try. They are called aquarium nails and they utilize hollowed-out acrylic press-on nails filled with oil and glitter. The liquid moves along with your hands that it looks like you have a snow globe on your fingertips.

Many manicure enthusiasts have their impressively decorated nails on Instagram and Pinterest using this kind of nail art.

Knockout nails: The aquarium manicure trends sees women filling hollowed-out press-on nails with glitter and oil, so the filling moves when the nail moves

Fishy or fabulous? Some have taken the 'aquarium' name to heart and added little fish inside their nails

Fishy or fabulous? Some have taken the 'aquarium' name to heart and added little fish inside their nails

Some have really taken the aquarium name to heart and added little fish confetti decorations to their nails.

You can purchase Makartt’s Aquarium Nail Tips for $15 and customize your own nail designs. The hollow press-ons  and syringe come with the kit.

The decorative filling can be glitter, sequins, and other small items. You place it in the opening of the press-ons then you use a syringe filled with oil to fill the opening. The liquid used needs to be non-evaporating.

Seal off the nail with gel nail polish. It needs to be gel because regular nail polish easily chips away, which could result in getting oil on your clothes.

Standing out: Some women use an aquarium nail on each fingers, while others go for a single statement nail on each hand

Some women use an aquarium nail on each finger. Others make a single statement nail for each hand.

DIY: The designs can be created by some specialized salons, or creative beauty gurus can buy a pack of aquarium nails and do it themselves using a syringe, liquid, and glitter



There are salons that offer these specialized nail services. You can also very easily buy a pack of aquarium nails and do it yourself.

For those who want even more glamour on their fingertips, they can add rhinestones or other decorations. According to Bustle, the nail art gained popularity after a video by Tony’s Nails in Texas was shared on Facebook and then it was picked up by a Vietnamese talk show.

Show 'em off: The trend has gained traction since a Texas manicurist shared his own design (not pictured) on Facebook and Instagram in a video, which has since been viewed over 24 million times 

A Texas manicurist shared the design on Facebook and Instagram and has since been viewed over 24 million times.

All about that bling: For some women, glitter only inside the nail isn't enough - so rhinestones can be added on top, too

Adding rhinestones really takes it to another level. Some women are daunted by the task because it seems like it would take too long to do.

Tony Ly of Tony’s Nails now has almost 80,000 Instagram followers who love his work.

Watch these trending mini aquarium nails below:

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