This French Artist Lived on His Bicycle for 382 Days


For more than a year, French artist and copy editor Guillaume Blanchet lived on his bicycle—literally. He ate, slept, and did his laundry on it. He even cooked his food and hit on women while sitting on top of his bike.

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Blanchet captured all of his bike adventure in a 3-minute video he’s dedicating to his 64-year-old father, who was also a bike enthusiast and rode more than 120,000 km.

In the film, Blanchet is seen always in motion, riding his bike just pedaling, his hands busy doing something else. And then several stuff such as laptops, telephones, Rubik cubes, cooking utensils, shaving kits, even musical instruments appear.

It’s really surprising how effortless he’s managed to do all these things, as if he was just sitting on a sofa.

But the most interesting was the roll of toilet paper hanging on the bike’s handle bar. It’s understandable if this adventurous man still pedals even while he’s sleeping because one can think he’s just dreaming or it has become automatic for his feet—but one can’t help but wonder how he poos while on the bicycle.

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