Bakery Creates a ‘Human Cake’ Complete with a Screaming Head: WTF

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Cake makers from Shenyang, north-east China’s Liaoning province, would definitely give any other baker in the world a run for their money with this bizarre yet intriguing edible surprise.

They baked a real, life-sized cake to resemble a human being, shackled at the waist with a head that screams in pain every time someone slices into it, to scare all of the hungry customers.

It was put up on display on December 6 at the 1905 Creative Culture Park in the city for anyone that dared to cut a free slice.

Morbid: Not only does the cake look a exactly like a human from the outside AND the inside but there is also a red and pink jam like filling that is made to look like the intestines of a human body. *Gag*



Spooky: An actor was hired to show only his head as the live part of the cake. The man’s face is painted orange and black with a huge creepy smile

Baked in a store called Ai Si Wei Ni, the naked muscular body was complete with an orange and black scary face that looked as if it had been given a nightmare inducing Joker-like smile.

A short video was released showing people gleefully cutting into the cake, though some children understandably seem horrified and hid behind their parents.

Before a member of the public would take a slice from the body of the cake, the man underneath would lay completely still, as if to look like his head was part of the cake.

Then once the knife cut into the body, the man with the creepy smile would scream from the top of his lungs as if he was in pain from being sliced open.

The actor’s body was in a box underneath so just his head was showing.



Family-friendly? The event attract a large number of parents who bring their children to munch on the bizarre cake last Sunday



Naked and shackled: A picture of the whole cake before it was completely cut up by members of the public in north-east China

People cut into the cake right up to the neck, and straight through the fairly realistic looking rib cage.

Using a huge cake knife, one small child hacks away at the wrist of the cake until he cuts a whole hand clean off.

Not only does the cake look real from the outside. The inside is made out of soft sponge, but with a red and pink jam like substance that is made to look like the insides of a human body.

Bizarre cake designs are becoming a global trend at weddings, birthdays, celebrations and even funerals.

Consumers are no longer going for taste and height, they now want a whole new cake experience, with creative and artistic designs, for everyone to enjoy.

Will you eat this? Guests cut into the cake right up to the neck, and straight through the fairly realistic looking rib cage



You have to see this video! WTF.

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