Barber Travels Around the World and Gives Strangers Free Haircut in Exchange for Food and Fuel


While other hairdressers are making a name for their unconventional way of achieving the perfect hairdo, this barber is raking in headlines because of where he chooses to cut his clients’ hair.

Russian hairstylist Denis Yushin wants to add a little excitement to his job, so he travels around the world on his motorcycle and gives people the kind of haircut they would never forget.

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Yushin is originally from the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk, living with his wife and five-year-old daughter. It was in 2015 when he decided to leave his home and start his journey, which he says will take for six years. He left his family in Krasnoyarsk, and all that he brought with him were the necessary tools to complete his job as a hairdresser.

Yushin uses his service as “payment” for all the things that he might need along the way. In other words, he gives people free haircut in exchange for food and fuel, and that’s basically just what he plans to keep on doing until he completes his feat.

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The barber has been to different countries like the Philippines, South Korea, China, and Mongolia. And in all those stops, he makes sure that he picks a spot that is out of the ordinary. He has given haircut while getting submerged underwater, braving the temperature atop a volcano, and even trimming someone’s hair in the middle of a nudist beach.


But perhaps the most noteworthy session Yushin has done was when he gave a paraglider a haircut while flying 1,000 ft above the ground. When he was in Vietnam, Alekszndr Orlov, also Russian, met with Yushin and made a deal with him. He would give the hairdresser a free ride on his paraglider in exhange of a haircut. And with the help of a few strings to keep the tools from being blown away, Yushin and Orlov were able to do an airborne haircut.

Orlov said, “Denis started to cut my hair when we got to 1,000 ft. He used a mechanical razor most of the time, but he also used an ordinary razor. It was kind of uncomfortable when someone is touching your neck while the paraglider is backing in the wind. I have some scratches left, but it is cool. We had three cameras, one on Denis’s forehead, the second was mounted to my hand, and the third was attached to a rope.”


If in Vietnam, Yushin had to go paragliding to cut someone’s hair, in the Philippines, he had to swim underwater. In an hour-long stunt done at the bottom of the Sulu Sea in the Panglao Island in the Philippines, Yushin gave a haircut to Kazakhstan native Vasiliy Kalashnikov. Although it is unsure if Kalashnikov was happy about his new do, Yushin was able to give the diver a haircut and even a bonus shave.


People find it disappointing that Yushin left his wife and daughter alone just to do this, but according to the hairdresser’s friend, “He’s passionate about hairdressing, travelling, and his motorbike. Some may think he’s bonkers leaving his wife and daughter for six years, but they understand.”

There’s still five more years before his trip ends. No one knows what he will do next, but people are hoping that it’ll just be as exciting or even more thrilling than his previous feats.

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