Here is a List of the Best Cosplays vs. the Worst Cosplay Found This Year

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Cosplay is fun for children and adults. Sometimes the costumes don’t turn out the way they’re supposed to. Here is a comparison of good and bad cosplay examples.

Poison Ivy from Batman

Source Source cosplay

The Poison Ivy on the left looks irresistible. She could kidnap anyone. The lady on the right, well, she needs more help with her costume.

She’s giving us Poison Ivy from the ghetto.



Source Source cosplay

The Batman on the left looks like the real deal with his detailed costume. The one on the right doesn’t seem to be able to lift much more than that beer bottle. His costume isn’t even the right size.


Deathstroke (DC Comics)

Source Source cosplay

The character Deadpool is supposed to be scary. The one on the left is giving us the death stare. The guy on the right just looks funny with the badly fitting spandex.



Source Source cosplay

A cosplayer should put effort into it. The guy on the left knows what he’s doing. The other guy looks like he just grabbed a few items to attend a party.


Misty from the Pokemon Series

Source Source cosplay

If this were a before-and-after shot, Misty would have let herself go after a few years. The one on the left can be the next Jenny Craig spokesperson.



Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

Source Source cosplay

The one on the left has an uncanny resemblance to Johnny Depp. As for the other guy, maybe he should try a different character.


Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid)

Source Source

Metal Gear Solid is a legendary game. The one on the left knows it. The guy on the right looks like a reject from GI Joe.



Source Source

This cosplayer looks a lot like Chris Hemsworth. His costume has great details.

The guy on the right looks like he didn’t make much effort. He probably got all the items at the Dollar Store. Maybe he was auditioning to be an extra for Robin Hood: Men in Tights.


Loki (Thor)

Source Source

One looks like Loki; the other could be Maleficent’s sister.


Elsa from Frozen

Source Source

The Elsa on the left looks like the cartoon character came to life. The level of detail is astounding. The Elsa on the right just needs to “Let It Go.”



Rogue from the X-Men Series

Source Source

Wow, Rogue on the left,  you are looking freaking stunning there!

The one on the right doesn’t seem to know who she is supposed to be.

What would happen if these two came together to fight?


Daenerys Targaryen – Khaleesi from Game of Thrones

Source Source

Everyone loves Game of Thrones. The girl on the left really did a good job. The girl on the right just looks like a complete mess.


Big Daddy and Little Sister (BioShock)

Source Source

Bioshock received critical acclaim. The guy on the left did an amazing job. The guy on the right just wasn’t as well-prepared.


Joker—Older Style (Batman)

Source Source

The Joker on the left looks menacing. He’s channeling Jack Nicholson‘s character. He’s got it down.

The man on the right looks like a cross between Joker and Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. 


Joker—Newer Style (Batman)

Source Source

Heath Ledger would definitely be proud of the cosplayer. Great makeup job.


The one on the right, it’s not nice to be mean to kids, so we give you an A for trying.



Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones

Source Source

Khal Drogo will be remembered as the warrior who was betrayed and killed. The guy on the left could be a stand-in.

The guy on the right just looks like a joke from a 1950s kung fu movie. Don’t glue wigs to your chin, buddy.


Space Marine Iron Hands Terminator (Warhammer 40,000)

Source Source

You’d run the other way if you saw that robot face-to-face.

The guy on the right looks like he needs to go to the recycling bin.


Toy Soldier

Source Source

The man on the left did such an amazing job of recreating a toy soldier. The color, the stand, everything is perfect.

The guy on the left just seems like he fell into a vat of green paint with his shower cap.


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