Biology Teacher Finds New Way to Discuss Human Anatomy …See Exactly How She Exposes Science!


Debby Heerkens is a biology teacher at the Groene Hart Rijnwoude school in the Netherlands. Because she find it dull and boring to teach by simply reading from the book, she came up with a fun and interesting idea to educate her students.

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Whenever she teaches anatomy, she stands up on her desk and strips off her top layer of clothes in order to reveal herself donned in a suit of spandex with accurate illustrations of the organs and the muscles.

Underneath that spandex suit, there is another suit that illustrates the locations of the bones.

According to stories, she came up with the concept after she saw somebody walking around with similar leggings. She immediately searched for them online.

When she had confirmed with the school director that it is okay to use it for demonstration, she decided to bring them in class. Since then, students kept asking when she’ll be having another lesson.

Ms. Heerkens is indeed one of the coolest teachers who have ever graced the earth.

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