Bizarre and Funny Road Mishaps

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Unexplained accidents really fascinate us. These curious incidents had us scratching our heads in our efforts to explain them.

Here are new batch of photos of automobile-related misfortunes, and weird situations that let seemingly defy the law of physics. Enjoy these “How on earth could that happen?” moments.

“The Marauder” versus your poor little Hondas.


Forgot How to Truck

Sure, they can!


Who would put a child’s bike on that?


Right of Way = Big Trucks



The New Sport – Car Acrobatics!


Where did all that potatoes come from?


This bus is not going to get where it thinks it’s going:


… and neither is this one:


Washed Up Cars!

Wild Tractor’s Chainsaw Massacre:



Guilt Trip


Trees Versus Cars:


This tree “killed” a number of cars with one stroke:




Back up more!


Nature’s surprise!

Who’s a piece of junk, now?!



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