23 of the Most Bizarre Hotels in the World

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For the adventurous traveler, a check-in to a weirdly wonderful hotel should be part of the list. Here are some quirky hotels around the world, which you might want to spend a night in.

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Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile

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This volcano-shaped hotel is actually located near an actual one! Magic Mountain Lodge is every nature lover’s dream come true. The hotel is located in a nature reserve, and water falls from the top of it. Plus, there are numerous hot springs, lakes, and not to mention the enormous Arenal Volcano.

Sala Silvermine in Sweden

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This is probably not the best hotel for people who are claustrophobic as it is located 509 ft below ground. Sala Silvermine is a historic site in Sweden and is known to be one of the most preserved mines in the world. Back in the day, the mine amounted to more than 3 tons of silver a year. But now you can rent out a suite and explore the underground setting.

Karosta Prison in Latvia

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In case you haven’t heard, Latvia has converted one of their prisons to a hotel. The prison used to serve as a detention for death row inmates during World War II. If you think that is bizarre, then wait until you hear the terms upon checking in: you have to be treated like an actual prisoner. Guards will verbally abuse you and you have to sleep in bunks where people who fought in war spent their last days in.

Sun Cruise Hotel in South Korea

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A cruise sounds like a wonderful place to spend a vacation in. But this time, a hotel in South Korea isn’t planning to ever set sail. You can have the whole cruise ship experience but without actually moving elsewhere. To top it off, the ship was built on the top of a cliff.

Null Stern in Switzerland

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Null Stern got its reputation for being a “zero star” hotel. It is a concept hotel made from a former nuclear bunker. This isn’t good for the claustrophobes either as it doesn’t have any windows and is basically just a two-foot-thick blast proof walls. But to add a modern-day touch, there is a butler who can come and serve you breakfast upon request.

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