Bizarre Traditions from Around the World That Will Leave You in Shock


The beauty of our world lies in our diverse cultures. But sometimes, certain cultural traditions push things to the limit that it comes off a lot more bizarre. Take a look at the few eye-browsing rituals below.

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1. Man Down Russian Drinking Game


Russians have cast-iron stomach when it comes to alcohol consumption, so it’s no wonder that this drinking game is only for the strong willed. Basically, the whole concept of this drinking game is to see who the last one standing is, so participants have to consume vodka until they pass out and don’t think about passing! Russians consider this as an insult.

2. Baby Tossing in India


In modern society, this would fall under child abuse and the perpetrator can face a lengthy sentence for his action. But in Maharashtra, India, tossing babies off a 15-meter temple has been an ongoing practice for the past 700 years. This is done for good luck and blessings, but contrary to the dangers it imposes, the organizers continue to claim that there is yet to be an injury to happen during the event.

3. Husbands Carrying Pregnant Wives Over Coal in China


Chinese customs have it that when a husband carries his wife over burning coal, it will ensure an easy childbirth for his pregnant wife. This is just one of the many beliefs that China has toward pregnant women.

4. Living with the Dead in Indonesia


Indonesian families believe they can preserve the souls of their departed loved ones by wrapping them in specially made garments and living under the same roof with them. The family can keep the body for more than weeks after passing, but traditionally, they only keep the corpse until such time it is buried.

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