Black Woman with Rare Condition Gives Birth to 3 Albino Children

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A black mother shocked everyone after she gave birth to three albino children.

Rosemere Fernanda de Andrade and her husband, Joao, both have a dark complexion, but three of their six children have blue eyes, white skin, and blonde hair. These pale and bright children actually have a rare genetic disorder called albinism. Albinism is a congenital condition that causes melanin production to be extremely low or nonexistent, causing little to no color production of the skin.

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Then an 18-year-old, Brazilian Rosemere Fernanda de Andrade was dumbfounded when she gave birth to her first baby, Ruth. At first, she thought there must have been an error from the hospital since the baby she received was white while she and her husband were completely black. But she confirmed later on that it was really her baby.


It was difficult for the family since the reception of their friends and neighbors to Ruth was very unpleasant. They would often openly ask Ruth if she had an extreme illness. Some of them would even assume that her husband, Joao, was not the father of her child.


After a year, Rosemere had another baby girl named Estefani who also had albinism. Both Rosemere and Joao carry albinism genes, which is why they have high chances of having albino children. By the time Rosemere reached 31, she gave birth to another albino baby boy.


Rosemere is often mistaken to be the nanny of her albino children when they go out in public.


Of course, being mistaken as a nanny of her own kids infuriates Rosemere, but she has come to accept their unique situation and has learned to shrug bad comments off, especially that not everyone is well aware of albinism.


The major concern Rosemere has with her albino kids isn’t because of the appearance but the complications caused by the disorder.


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