Buffed Animals Who Could Pass as the Arnold Schwarzeneggers of the Animal Kingdom

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With huge shoulders, gigantic quads, and an extremely buffed body, these animals look like they have been hitting the gym every day. But it’s not the case. These animals didn’t achieve their muscle mass by lifting weights or doing punishing strength training. The amazing muscle growth is because of the protein called myostatin, also known as GDF-8.

This particular protein is responsible for the rate of muscle cell production in an animal. Some of these creatures let their muscle mass increase naturally while others have their myostatin manipulated in order to achieve tremendous muscle growth.

See for yourself the effects of myostatin on various animal species through the photos below.

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Bully Whippet



Whippets are dog breeds that have a slender figure, but Wendy isn’t your typical whippet. With pumped shoulders and monstrous legs, Wendy can easily be distinguished from the other whippets. What’s more amazing is that, it’s purely natural.

Asian Double-Muscled Pigs

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