Woman Marries Cow

Cambodian Woman HORRIFIES Her Village After Marrying a Calf


It is no secret that the world is filled with strange things. There are people who develop strange addictions, and there are those who develop even stranger relationshipsFrom a Swedish woman marrying the Berlin Wall to the Japanese fellow who fell in love with a huggable pillow and then there’s that young girl who got betrothed to a dog, there is no shortage of people who make you ask yourself . . . Why?!
Apparently, a majority of these marriages only happen because of mental disorders and sometimes even cultural traditions. This Cambodian woman could have edged somewhere between the two, if not for the unfortunate tragedy that occurred in her life. So it is safe to say that 74-year-old Khim Hang‘s marriage is a strange yet tragic one as she truly believes that the cow that now shares her home is a reincarnation of her late husband.

Cambodia Woman Marries Cow, Believing It’s Her Late Husband

Khim Hang, who resides in the northeast Kratie province of Cambodia, was featured in a video uploaded by Reuters last July. She can be seen leading a cow around her one-story house, giving it a bath and making a bed for it with pillows used by her late husband.
Hang’s story began on a sad note. She lost her beloved husband, Tol Khut, last year, and because of her grief, she got more and more convinced that he had returned to her in a form of a young cow.
 “I believe that the calf is my husband because whatever he does … is in exactly the same way as my husband did when he was alive,” she told Reuters TV.
The young calf showers Hang and her family a lot of affection. It follows her around and licks her face, small actions that are enough to convince the whole family that it is indeed Tol Khut. Hang would later organize a wedding, and even though there are no photos to document their claims that a ceremony did happen, approximately 100 villagers say they were there to witness the moment the woman marries cow she believes is the reincarnation of her husband.

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Widowed Mother

Hang has also forbidden her children from selling the cow or maltreating it even after her death. She added that the cow shall be buried in the same way her late husband was.

While they may not be as strict as other countries, many Cambodians believe in the concept of reincarnation including the idea that a person’s current situation is a result of actions done in their previous life.

So is this calf Hang’s reincarnated husband? Or is she merely a grief-stricken widow in need of a little guidance? You decide.

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